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Hamilton Erridge….About Me!

about authorMy name is Hamilton Erridge and I’m the author of So Damn Hungry and the President and Founder of the New Lifestyle Diet. But, I wasn’t always these things. I once weighed 321 pounds and was emotionally and physically miserable. While I had certainly reached my rock bottom, this point in my life was also the start of something much bigger – my journey to take back my life, lose weight, and learn how to stop being so damn hungry.

Through the process of changing my life, I lost over 100 pounds and spent years documenting my painful, often funny, and triumphant journey, while examining the various reasons behind my eating. As a result, I applied all that I had learned and created the New Lifestyle Diet in order to help others do the same. Ten years later, I’m now recognized as an expert in helping people lose weight, change their eating behaviors, and I’m proud to say that I have helped thousands of people to follow in my footsteps.

Along the way, I authored my first book “Creating Your New Lifestyle,” with the goal of being able to reach out to anyone on any diet and giving them the skills to not only lose weight, but learn to overcome the issues behind their eating. Of course, during all of this time, I didn’t just write about change, I lives it. Whether working out at the gym, enjoying life with my wife and two girls in San Ramon, CA or competing in countless Tough Mudders, Spartan Races, and various obstacle events throughout the nation, I’m always looking for my next challenge – always evolving, and always helping those around me.

With a lifetime of lessons and adventures to share, I’m now proud to present my new book, “So Damn Hungry.” which allows me to share 12 years of my experience and lessons learned changing my own life, overcoming emotional eating, and providing a road map to allow others to do the same – to finally lose weight, overcome your issues with food, laugh, smile and learn to stop being so damn hungry.

– Hamilton Erridge, Author of So Damn Hungry

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Take Back Your Life and Stop Being So Damn Hungry