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I Invite You to Take Your Life Back

My name is Hamilton Erridge and I want to welcome you to So Damn Hungry and invite you to take your life back.

It’s my goal to not only share my incredible journey overcoming my own emotional eating issues, but to help you follow in my footsteps and get past the destructive food behaviors that are stopping you from living your life to the fullest.

I want you to know that as we move forward on this journey, I’ll be with you every step of the way. But first, a little bit about me.  In 2002, I lost 100 pounds and while I felt great about my success, I made the mistake of thinking that I had conquered my weight issue. In truth, while I had lost the weight, I hadn’t figured out the issues behind the reasons that I wanted to comfort myself with food. So, over the next several years, I set out to do exactly this. I not only examined myself, but worked with thousands of people in the process.  Eventually I came to a strong understanding of the reasons behind my own eating, but more importantly, I learned the process that would allow others to do the same.

To put it all to the test, in 2004 I founded the New Lifestyle Diet with the single goal of not only giving people a vehicle to achieve weight loss, but to address and learn to manage the reasons behind their emotional eating. Taking things one step further, in 2006, I wrote the book “Creating Your New Lifestyle” and I’m now proud to report in 2014 I’ve finished my new book “So Damn Hungry” and created this website.

If you feel that you are alone with your weight issues or your constant desire to eat, I can assure you that I completely understand. I battled through my own weight issue and learned to manage my emotional eating issues and I’m now here to help you do the same. Together, I know that we can make you stronger, healthier, look better, and able to take your life back.

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