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Learn to Be Happy and Lose Weight

People ask me all the time about the secret to losing weight and changing your body and my answer is always the same. That is – you need to learn to take back your life and be happy.

Obviously, following the right weight loss program and exercising makes all the difference, but learning to be happy is equally important. When I think back on the time in my life that my weight was the heaviest, it was also the saddest time of my life. Due to various reasons, I had allowed sadness and self-loathing to creep into my life and overeating to become my salvation. Not surprisingly, this was a slippery slope. The more I ate, the heavier I got, and the unhappier I become.

So, what’s a person to do? In short, I had to take back my life and be happy.

It was obvious that I needed to lose weight, but unlike the many times I had attempted to lose weight in the past, I decided to make my happiness part of the equation. So, I didn’t just start dieting and exercising, I also started doing the following two very important things:

I Become Optimistic. I started talking to myself and motivating myself to take action. Instead of allowing the world to beat me down, I’d talk to myself and motivate myself by saying things like, “Now’s the time for me to change.” Or, “Every day that I can step forward and change, I’m one step closer to creating a better version of myself.” I decided to stop viewing dieting and exercise as a negative and view it as the gateway to being happier. As a result, losing weight and exercising took on new meaning. It was no longer a negative in my life, but for the first time, I was a positive!

I Created a Goal: Whether it’s planning a vacation, family reunion, or just putting a date on the calendar. I gave myself a goal and something to look forward to. I allowed myself to believe that although I wasn’t happy with my body and I was obviously sad, the more I worked toward my goal, the more my life would change. The goal gave me something to look forward, but more importantly, it allowed me to put in the time and achieve success. And, the more time I put into changing my body and mind, the happier I became.

Making these two simple changes, I was able to turn my self-loathing and depression into the biggest life changing period of my life. By learning to be happy and optimistic, I stopped my social hibernating, began getting excited about life, and shockingly – I lost weight!

I began going out with friends and looking forward to events. I stopped eating alone at night, began making healthier choices, and took on a different attitude towards dieting and exercise. The more I put my happiness first and removed the cloud despair, the lighter I became physically and emotionally.
Each positive change that you make in your life will lead to another. So, start small by doing the following:

– Give yourself something to look forward to.
– Tell yourself what you are grateful for.
– Become optimistic with your thoughts.
– Take a walk or find a way to move your body that is fun.
– Eat healthy and stick to a weight loss program that allows you to achieve results.

The more you put your happiness first, the more you’ll want to change your. Dieting and exercise will no longer be a chore, but something that you’ll see as allowing you to take back your life and live it to the fullest. Not surprisingly, the people that put their happiness first and allow it to be their guide towards losing weight and exercise not only achieve the greatest results, but also go on to make bigger and bigger changes in their lives.

Be happy, lose weight and go forth and conquer!

– Hamilton

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