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Why I Wrote So Damn Hungry

about bookI wrote “So Damn Hungry “ in order to provide an account of my incredible and heartwarming story of failed diets, weight loss disappointments, diet clinic blunders and the impacts that it all had my body, marriage, career, and life. While it wasn’t easy, I ultimately lost over 100 pounds, but more importantly, experienced a journey of hope and self-discovery that I’m now happy to share.

For me, being overweight wasn’t just about enjoying food; it was about how I used food to comfort myself. To succeed, I had to learn to deal with my stress, worries, and countless of other hilarious and painful situations without leaning on bags of cookies and candy for support. While losing weight wasn’t easy, I learned to take my life back and I’m now happy to share how I did it. In the book, I don’t hold any punches and I talk about how I had to face my own emotional eating issues and how I dealt with the daily challenges along the way. Everything from how I overcame temptations and cravings, learned to control my appetite, how I said goodbye to food as a friend, and how I motivated myself to keep going each day.

Throughout each chapter of the book, I provide a step-by-step process that empowers anyone to follow in my footsteps and learn to address and manage their own issues, including:

  • Learning how to Understand Your Issues and Let Go of the Past
  • Creating Goals, Motivation, and Learning to Create a Balanced Life
  • Coming to Terms with Temptations, Emotions, and Food Cravings
  • Learning How To Control Your Appetite and Take Accountability and Responsibility
  • Saying Good-Bye to Food as a Friend and Becoming Self-Aware
  • Creating a New Mindset and Attitude for the New You
  • Learning to Open Your Eyes to the World Around You
  • Learning to Seek Out Happiness in Your Life
  • Embracing Your Former Self and Becoming Emotionally Self-Aware
  • Learning to Embrace Exercise, Losing Weight, and Keeping it Off
  • And, much, much, more.

From escaping the traps at the grocery store, avoiding bad choices when eating out, dealing with the eating habits of friends, family, and co-workers and the endless onslaught of office celebrations and sheets of white cake, I leave nothing untouched. Woven throughout my story, I share the painful truth of how gaining weight impacted my marriage and just how far I went to fight for the love of my life. I also share the realities of exercise what it takes to change your body and experience a complete physical transformation.

So Damn Hungry is dedicated to anyone who has struggled with emotional eating, failed at being able to permanently lose weight, and for those that are seeking answers on how to STOP being so damn hungry. Through my journey, you’ll find yourself laughing, wiping away the tears, and experiencing countless “Aha Moments,” as you learn to manage your relationship with food, overcome emotional eating, lose weight and create a better and healthier version of yourself.

Thank you for being a part of my journey and for allowing me to be a part of yours.

– Hamilton Erridge, Author of So Damn Hungry


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Take Back Your Life and Stop Being So Damn Hungry